Winter Got You Down?

There is one and only one saving grace to winter, and that my friends, is skiing.  Well that and maybe Christmas too.  But after the hangovers of Christmas, New Years and then Brad’s birthday (all a week apart), there is nothing but a vast expanse of cold, illness and untanned skin.  Cue winter fun!

This January 8th was Brad’s 30th birthday.  He had wanted to go skiing “locally” (i.e. within a 3 hour drive of the flat, flat tidewater area), but since it was kind of a big deal that he was hitting a big birthday and since my ever so enterprising sister had an ingenious idea to go west (complete with hotel recommendations), we decided to do it up!  This would prove to be a very good idea because there has been no snow whatsoever practically east of the Mississippi and south of DC this winter.  We had gone out to Colorado before, love the mountains, hated the two hour drive from the airport and had only heard great things about Utah, so we hit the skies on converged on Park City!

My sis’s high-school-boyfriend/close-friend-ever-since met us there as did Courtney and we had three amazing days on the slopes.  Everyone out there was very apologetic about the lack of snow, and it was such a major issue that at least half of the trails at every resort were closed, but it was so much more than we have had or were expecting that we didn’t mind at all!  Everyone got along so well, we loved the resorts out there and I think Brad had a pretty good 30th birthday.  Of course, four days after we got home, Park City had an extra 3 FEET of snow on the ground.

I can’t complain much about this winter because even today it is supposed to be 60 with a weeklong forecast that includes only 50s and 60s, but hopefully my main man Punxsutawney Phil won’t see his shadow next week and we will be in for an early spring rather than pushing winter into April.  Phew, are we there yet?


Me and the Birthday Boy!