Some Would Call it Progress…

I would say my biggest (no pun intended) problem with trying to lose weight would be consistency.  I have been known to work out for a week, not lose any weight, stop working out, lose 2 pounds, so then try to do it by changing my diet, then proceed to eat without consequences, gain 4 pounds, then start the cycle all over again.  This has led to my current 7-10 pounds worth of baby weight that won’t budge on top of the 20 or so pounds that had crept up over the 3 years before that.

I’m trying to work on sticking with it.  I’ve decided to go at it focusing on both diet and exercise.  I’ve started keeping a food journal and I am very honest.  So honest that I feel bad writing down that I had 2 glasses of wine and four servings of Oreos at 10pm.  Or even a measly fun sized candy bar at work.  I realize that it has only been a week, but for me that is pretty groundbreaking.  I am also doing more exercising.  Tuesday and Thursday I worked out on the elliptical for 40 and 45 minutes, Wednesday I ran 3 miles, Friday I lifted weights, then yesterday I ran a 14K (8.7 miles).  I took off today because I know I won’t be motivated to run tomorrow if I did anything tonight (I do know that about myself).

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have already registered for a half marathon in March (5 weeks from today), and the registration for the Marine Corp Marathon opens on March 7th and if I am feeling really motivated, I will register for that.  That way I can cross something off of my bucket list, hopefully get into great shape, do the majority of my training over the summer and maybe lose some weight in the process.

I am not weighing myself this seventy-second attempt at weight loss since Chase was born because it hasn’t served much of a purpose up until this point, so if/when my clothes start feeling a bit loose, I will eventually step on them again.  I’ve had seventy-one failures behind me though and I would like this to be the one that sticks.  I’ve got a monumental birthday coming up next month, I would like to be able to wear my wedding rings again, fit into clothes that I enjoy wearing and also enjoy a baked good every now and then without feeling so guilty.

Wish me luck!


One thought on “Some Would Call it Progress…

  1. Heather I have faith you will succeed! if not this time then next time or the nxt. Just keep trying. you are beautiful and we want u to be healthy and are all rooting for you!

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