100 Miles Until 2013

Well, actually it’s currently 73.75 miles until the New Year, but 100 sounded a lot better.

Ok, before we talk about that, let’s talk about this.  So, it’s been a minute since I last wrote and I’m not really sure that I even have a decent excuse.  I could say I’ve been so busy with the new house or I’ve been spending all of my free time on a new hobby or baking or that I’m so busy working out and losing weight that I haven’t had time.  But none of those are true.  I’m not even sure what I’ve been spending my free time on.  Nothing productive, that’s for sure!  I have had something somewhat miraculous happen in the past 60 days or so.  I’ve started to enjoy running again.  I’m not going to drop the l-word or anything, but I don’t hate it or dread it quite so much.  That’s not to say that I’ve been acting on this new “like,” but nonetheless, it is a step in the right direction.

Work kind of sucks.  This is not a permanent thing, just something that happens at every job no matter how much you enjoy it.  I’ve started having trouble falling asleep because I’m thinking too much about work.  And life and money and all of that.

All of this got me thinking while I was on a run (shock, shock) last Saturday, which was December 1st.  Maybe, just maybe, I could start a streak.  They have always intrigued me, but I’ve never had the guts to start one.  I thought about what kind of a streak I could do, and I thought about 100 miles.  That’s a lofty number, but not an impossible one.  I thought maybe 100 miles by Christmas, but that I thought that might be pushing it.  What about New Years?  It roughly works out to 3.25 miles per day, which isn’t horrible.  I obviously won’t run everyday, but I will run more than 3.25 miles some days.

So far, I ran 3.1 last Saturday, 4.15 on Sunday, 2.25 on Monday, 3.5 on Tuesday, 3.25 on Thursday and 10 today.  The 10 I ran today was a race and it was fun and wonderful and I did it all by myself and it was the fastest I have ever run that distance!  I am not sure I could tell you the last time I ran 4 days in a row, which I did earlier this week, let alone run 10 miles by myself with no music!  That has been my secret for all of it, no music.  It gives me some alone time and time to think about whatever I want.  It has helped me tremendously!

I really want to accomplish this feat and I know that I can.  I want to prove it to myself and to my uber-runner husband (who claims he’s never broken the centennial mark in a month, but I don’t believe him).  I want to lose some weight along the way (which I have so far) and get on a healthy track again, especially during this time of year.  I’ve kind of veered off of it the past couple of years and I need to get that back for a bunch of different reasons.  Now, I realize that life isn’t perfect.  ‘Tis the season for not only gluttony, but illness and excessive time consumption with family and friends, so I will not beat myself up if I don’t make it.  But I have something to work towards.

Wish me luck!

Some Would Call it Progress…

I would say my biggest (no pun intended) problem with trying to lose weight would be consistency.  I have been known to work out for a week, not lose any weight, stop working out, lose 2 pounds, so then try to do it by changing my diet, then proceed to eat without consequences, gain 4 pounds, then start the cycle all over again.  This has led to my current 7-10 pounds worth of baby weight that won’t budge on top of the 20 or so pounds that had crept up over the 3 years before that.

I’m trying to work on sticking with it.  I’ve decided to go at it focusing on both diet and exercise.  I’ve started keeping a food journal and I am very honest.  So honest that I feel bad writing down that I had 2 glasses of wine and four servings of Oreos at 10pm.  Or even a measly fun sized candy bar at work.  I realize that it has only been a week, but for me that is pretty groundbreaking.  I am also doing more exercising.  Tuesday and Thursday I worked out on the elliptical for 40 and 45 minutes, Wednesday I ran 3 miles, Friday I lifted weights, then yesterday I ran a 14K (8.7 miles).  I took off today because I know I won’t be motivated to run tomorrow if I did anything tonight (I do know that about myself).

As I have mentioned in an earlier post, I have already registered for a half marathon in March (5 weeks from today), and the registration for the Marine Corp Marathon opens on March 7th and if I am feeling really motivated, I will register for that.  That way I can cross something off of my bucket list, hopefully get into great shape, do the majority of my training over the summer and maybe lose some weight in the process.

I am not weighing myself this seventy-second attempt at weight loss since Chase was born because it hasn’t served much of a purpose up until this point, so if/when my clothes start feeling a bit loose, I will eventually step on them again.  I’ve had seventy-one failures behind me though and I would like this to be the one that sticks.  I’ve got a monumental birthday coming up next month, I would like to be able to wear my wedding rings again, fit into clothes that I enjoy wearing and also enjoy a baked good every now and then without feeling so guilty.

Wish me luck!