Wow, so this chick has been busy!  I have gotten super far behind on my posts, but I’ve had some pretty good excuses…

1. Planned, implemented, executed and all that for a first birthday party (which I will point out was a smashing success, at least I thought so) for 32 people

2. Visited my grandparents down in North Carolina one weekend

3. One of my BFAW (Best Friends At Work for those not familiar with the acromym) had her baby 3 weeks early so I may have made some (read: many) visits to see little Chloe

4. Directed a wedding (with that verb being used very loosely).

5. Been baking, baking and baking some more for birthdays, holidays, potlucks

6. Preparing Christmas gifts

7. Allegedly getting ready to move, which was news to me as of this week.  Much, much more to come on this topic

8. Planning a trip out west to ski in 2 months!

9. Dealing with a now walking child

10.  Went on a road trip to Richmond for another one year bday party (this is the end for a while, I hope)

So, I get that it’s the holidays and all, but I will try to get better and get to writing!  Until my next entry, enjoy this picture of my one year old child making a mess : )