Ugh, not again!

“Can you make yellow cake with chocolate icing?” If I’ve heard it once, I’ve heard it a million times.  For some reason this is the most requested cake/icing combo that I get.  I guess I should be happy for multiple reasons:

1. Apparently people like the icing recipe I use

2. It is my least favorite cake/icing combo, so with my very lofty (and often ignored) weight loss goals, I should be thrilled to make it because I can resist it if/when I have the opportunity to partake in whatever I’m baking.

3. It is really, REALLY easy to make!

Everyone I know is having babies, just NOT ME!!!  I had yet another baby shower to attend last weekend, so I made this obscenely popular cupcake combo and didn’t have any to bring home.  You can use just about any cake recipe and the icing recipe is on the back of a Hershey Cocoa can, but you can also get it here.  This is a double recipe which is enough to ice two dozen cupcakes or a two layer cake.

1 1/3 c baking cocoa

1/2 c butter

1/2 c shortening

2/3 c milk

2 t vanilla

6 c powdered sugar

I mix all of the ingredients together and mix it for about 5 minutes.  The original recipe only calls for butter, but the shortening helps it spread a lot better and not melt in your hands when you’re piping it.